Strangers Creek

Strangers Creek

Location:Kellyville NSW

Client:Liverpool City Council


Terra Civil was contracted to realign the Strangers Creek trunk drainage corridor, rehabilitate the creek and improve its environmental & aesthetic appeal.

Studies of the Strangers Creek environment established that the creek was no longer meeting its original purpose as a trunk drainage waterway designed to protect both public health and the environment.


Working around a variety of environmental challenges including those imposed by continual water flow Terra Civil’s first priority was to stabilize the banks.

With ecological considerations – including the preservation of natural flora and fauna and the maintenance of a healthy ecological environment – a priority, Terra Civil worked in close collaboration with a team of Environmentalists to deliver the project.

Meeting the project’s 12-month deadline, Terra Civil realigned the trunk drainage corridor and rehabilitated the creek, creating significant environmental improvements while at the same time demonstrating the social and aesthetic benefits of sound river management and biodiversity projects.



  • Demolition works
  • Asbestos removal and remediation
  • 1.9 km of creek rehabilitation
  • 200,000 m2 of vegetation removal
  • Removal of 200 trees
  • 10,000 tons of acid sulphate soil
    treatment and removal
  • Import 11,000 ton shale
  • Place, trim and compact shale to
    reshape creek bed
  • Cut and shape creek batters 8500m3
  • Install and place 6,500 sandstone  armor rocks to create ripple batters in the creek bed and natural ponds
  • Supply and construct 786ml of sandstone log retaining walls using approximately 2000 2m x 5000 sandstone logs
  • Supply, trim and spread soil (15,000 m2)
  • Removal of 15000 ton of VENM material


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